Thread Repair Kit


P/N 15-1640

Save money and maybe a critical part!
Can save the day when a thread strips or is pulled out
Kit comes complete with 2 high speed steel drill bits for M8 and M6 holes
2 HSS taps in the most popular M8 x 1.25 and M6 x 10 sizes
Features inserter tools, tab removers, ratchet T-wrench to use with the inserter tool
3 different lengths of M6 and 2 different lengths M8 threaded inserts
All in a convenient plastic carrying case

Threaded InsertsP/NRetail
10 Pc. 6.1.6mm15-1782$8.95
10 Pc. 6.1.9mm15-17838.95
10 Pc. 6.1.12mm15-17848.95
10 Pc. 8.12mm15-17858.95
10 Pc. 8.16mm15-17868.95

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