All BikeMaster sunglasses are designed specifically for use by motorcyclists
Specially designed frames slip easily between the helmet padding and
your skin
Shorter temples reduce interference with your helmet
Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses will protect you from most road hazards
Sturdy hinges, some with springs, others flexible for a comfortable secure fit
Lens tints chosen to provide protection from the sun without obscuring vision in the shade
Buy the glasses designed by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists!
*60-0611 includes Attached closed cell foam padding

Description P/N Retail
New Track Black 60-0619 $19.95
New Novacaine Black 60-0620 $19.95
New Novacaine White/Black 60-0621 $19.95
New Virile Red/ Black 60-0622 $19.95
New Loaded Mt Black 60-0623 $15.95
New Smooth Rider Trans Grey 60-0624 $9.95
Wind-Shield Complete 60-0600 $29.95
Wind-Shield Kit 60-0601 15.95
Chevron Brown 60-0602 12.95
Chevron Black 60-0603 12.95
Chevron Navy Blue 60-0604 12.95
Geko Brown 60-0605 9.95
Geko Black 60-0606 $9.95
Geko Navy Blue 60-0607 9.95
Enforcer 60-0608 12.95
AeroWide 60-0609 15.95
AeroLite 60-0610 15.95
Rider Wrap 60-0611 12.95
Continuum 60-0612 $9.95
Sicily 60-0613 9.95
Slicker 60-0614 9.95
Inlay 60-0615 12.95
UltraLites 60-0616 9.95
Contour 60-0617 12.95

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