Semi-Synthetic Oil

Special blend of highly refined conventional and specially selected synthetic base oils for increased lubricity and shear stability resulting in greater wear protection and longer service life
Shear stable additives for smoother, positive shifting
Lower volatility and less oil consumption
Better low temperature fluidity for easier cold weather start-up
Superior corrosion resistance over conventional motor oils
JASO T 903:2011 MA Certified

Description   P/N Retail
Quart For case order 12 53-1809 $7.95 EA
Gallon For case order 6 53-1811 $31.50 EA
55 Gallon Drum   53-1816 $1,729.00
Quart For case order 12 53-1813 $7.95 EA
Gallon For case order 6 53-1815 $31.50 EA
55 Gallon Drum   53-1822 $1,729.00