Performance Oil

For use in both engine and transmission
Resists premature viscosity breakdown from increased shearing action in high revving engines
Designed for increased heat and stress from smaller higher revving engines
Advanced additives designed specifically for increased demands on today's motorcycle engines
Highly refined Hydro-cracked base oils maintain optimal lubricity and stability for longer service life
Meets standards and warranty specifications for all new ATV, motorcycle, and scooters
JASO T 903:2011 MA Certified

Description   P/N Retail
Quart For case order 12 53-1801 $5.95 EA
Gallon For case order 6 53-1803 $22.95 EA
55 Gallon Drum   53-1804 $1269.00
Quart For case order 12 53-1805 $5.95 EA
Gallon For case order 6 53-1807 $22.95 EA
55 Gallon Drum   53-1810 $1269.00