Mini L.E.D. Turn Signals with Resistors

For the first time, we offer it all in one package!
Turn signal, running light, brake light, all in one beautifully compact package!
These are three (front) and four wire (rear) lights
The fronts have a 3 Watt L.E.D. for the super white running light, and a 3-Watt Amber L.E.D. for the turn signals
These super white running lights will mean that you will not be missed!
The rear is amazing, and in a tiny package, manages to hide everything!
Running light (red) is 50% brightness, and Brake Light (also red) is 100% brightness, along with the ultra bright amber turn signals make this the ultimate in putting it all in a small space
You have to see them to believe them!
Note: These lights are not designed to substitute for the rear running and brake lights, but to augment them!