Compressed Towelettes

$5.95:P/N15-1600:50-Piece Pack with 10-Piece Free Carrying Tube

$4.95:P/N15-1601:2, 10-Piece Pack with Free Carrying Tube

You will wonder how you managed without them!
Manufactured from compressed fabric with 70,000 lbs. of pressure
With just a little water, expand back to their full size (23mm x 35mm, 9" x 13.750")
This cloth has so many uses, it's impossible to list them all. Cleaning goggles, visors, glasses, windscreens, even your face will be high on the list
Supplied with a 10-piece carrying tube, so they can slip into your pocket or pack and stay clean
Sold in enough quantity that you can give a bunch to your friends too
Once you use these cloths, you will not want to go on a road trip or trail without them again

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