Brake Pads and Shoes

Brake Pads

Years of constant research and brake dyno testing
Yielding the latest technology in pad performance
Made at a factory that supplies Japanese O.E.M.s
The highest quality and perfect fit
Formulated for high performance stopping power and a long service life
Excellent feel and feedback
Superior fade resistance

Sintered Brake Pads

Utilizing the latest technologies in design and manufacture. Years of research and brake dyno testing, resulting in our selection of the sintered materials Special metallic and other compounds, fused together with great heat and pressure
Yielding increased performance, heat resistance, and a longer life than our every day pads
Designed for heavy duty use, sintered pads are used on most O.E.M. high performance machines
These pads will satisfy the most demanding riders, offering powerful stopping force and a good feel

Brake Shoes

We start with High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting to make a strong, stable, corrosion resistant shoe
The friction material is chosen for a balance of performance and longevity for the application
Then it is bonded to the brake shoe casting, using a high temperature process In order to insure that the shoe has a perfect radius, the face of the friction material is machined to make sure it is a perfect fit to the brake drum
Then, to make sure that brake application is smooth, not grabby, we chamfer the edges of the shoes, and give the material a extra chamfer on the leading and trailing edges of the friction material
Our brake shoes are designed to be a direct replacement for OEM shoes, and meet or exceed the OEM performance
And they come with complete with new springs