Magneto Flywheel Pullers

Manufacturer's lifetime warranty

Most late model CR 80cc-500cc, CRF/XR/XL 80cc-100cc,   
XR50R/CRF50F, 50cc-110cc 60-70's15-0601$13.95
Most early 4 cylinders, CB750A/K 69-78, CB750F SS 75-78,   
VF500, XL/XR 200cc & 250cc, XR650R 00-07, XR400R 00-0315-061412.95
Early MX 2 cycle models15-06059.9
MT250 series, early MX 2 cycle models large diameter15-06049.95
C175/350, CB350, C360, C400, CB500/550, CB650SC/700SC,   
CM185T/200T, CMX250/450, CM250/450, CT90, CR125,   
CR250 early models, SL175/35015-061212.95
XL250/350/500/600/650R, XR250R/350/500/600R,   
VT500/500C/750C, VF500/700/750C/750F/750S/1100C/  
1100S, V45/65, FT/GB500, NT, NX650, TL250, VFR75015-061112.95
Most 79-82 4 cyl. Models CB750K/900C/1000,   
CB400T/450T/750K/900/900F SS/1000/1000C/  
1100F SS, CX500/650 15-061713.95
XR185/200/200R, XL125/185S/200, CB12515-060611.95
CB400A/T 78-79, CB450SC, CM450, CMX450C, CX500/650,   
GL500/650, MR250, NX250, PC800, VF700C 87-88,   
VF750C/1100C, VT700C/750C/800C 15-062113.95
Most 50cc-80cc mini's - QA50, MR50, CH80, CR60 &   
95-Up RS12515-064417.95
CRF150R/RB, CRF250R, CRF250X, CRF450R (not for CRF450X)15-068030.95
CRF450X 04-0915-161021.95
FEMSA, BOSCH, MOTOPLAT, 70-80 2 cycle w/CDI15-0639$18.95
WX 2 cycle Enduro 90-Up15-061112.95
4 cycle 250/450/510 TE, TC, SM, SMR15-062416.95
FE250/FE650 4 cycle15-0624$16.95
Most MX 2 cycle & late 4 cycle. KV75, MC190, G4T90/100,   
F6-125 Enduro, KD80, KM100, KE100/125/175, KDX80,   
KDX200/250/300, KX60/80/125/250/50015-0601$13.95
KLR250 85-95, KLR600A/B 84-86, KLR650A 87-95,   
KL650B 90-91, KLX250, KLX300 (20mm)15-061412.95
KLR250 85-95, KLR600A/B 84-86, KLR650A 87-95,   
KL650B 90-91 (22mm)15-061112.95
KL250, KZ250/400/440/550/650/750, KZ900A4/5/B1 76-77,   
KZ1000A/B 77-80, KZ1300A/B 81-85, EX250/500, EN500,   
GPZ550/750/1100, VN750, ZX7600/75015-061813.95
ZX600 Ninja, ZXRS600 Late models15-064153.95
50 Mini15-064417.95
KX250F, KX450F 15-068030.95
KLX450 08-0915-161021.95
FEMSA, BOSCH & MOTOPLAT, 2 cycle liquid cooled   
w/internal rotor 15-0639$18.95
250/400/450/525/620 EXC, MXC, SMC,   
SX 1988 to current 4 cycle15-062416.95
50 SX/SR 15-061623.95
50 SX/SR 15-0619125.95
Electric Single Cylinder 620/625/640/660/690 LC4E15-068252.95
65 SX 99-04, 85 SX 04, 105 SX 04, 125/144 SX/EXC/MXC   
98-08 200 EXC/MXC 98-05, 250 SX/EXC/MXC 98-05,   
250/300/380 SX/EXC/MXC 97-05 2 cycle 15-060113.95
LEM 50 LX, KTM 50 SX/SR, All Ducati15-0616$23.95
Action Attack/Outlaw, KTM SX/SR, Cobra BM/CM, LEM CR/LX 15-0619125.95
RM80, RM125, RM250, RMX250 88-Up,   
early 2 cycle 50/70/80/90/100/120/12515-0601$13.95
DR250, DR350/350S, GSF400 Bandit, GS1000,   
GS1100 (1" internal depth)15-064038.95
DR250, DR350/350S, GSF400 Bandit, GS1000,   
GS1100 (3" internal depth)15-064153.95
TM125/250/450, TS250 early model (3" external depth)15-062030.95
GS550/650/750/1000 early 4 cycle models15-061212.95
GS1100/1150 81-8515-063030.95
GSXR600V/750T/V, TL1000S15-061412.95
50 Mini15-064417.95
RMZ250, RMZ45015-068030.95
GSXR600/750 01-07, GSXR1000, GSX1300R15-068252.95
AT125, CT175, DT250, RT360, SC500, IT200, YZ250/400/490,   
TT/XT500, YZ250F 04-08, YZ400F/426F, YZ450F 03-0515-0601$13.95
YZ125 Liquid Cooled15-06059.9
YZ/MX125/250/360, RD250/350/R515-06049.95
XV500/535/700/750/920/1100 Virago, XVZ12/13 Venture   
& Venture Royale, BW200/350, TT/XT600 15-062840.95
FZR400, XJ550H/J/K/RH/RJ/RK, FJ600L/LC/N/NC,   
FZ600S/SC/T/TC/U/UC, FZR600, XJ650G/H/J/K/LH/LJ/LK/RJ,   
XJ900RK/1100J, FZR1000, FJ1100/L/LC/N/NC/1200, Most  
early 2 cycle electric start, most 4 cycle models, current YZF's15-061212.95
XT350 15-064153.95
WR450F 04-0915-068252.95
WR250F 03-09, WR450F 200315-068318.95
YZ450F 06-0815-068030.95
17 hole disc w/6mm bolts to remove clutch bodies, flywheels, and primary gears.

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